Vancouver ITF

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Vancouver ITF
Founded 2000
Abolished 2001
Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Surface Hard / Outdoor
Category ITF 10K


The Vancouver ITF was a professional tennis tournament played on outdoor hard courts. It was part of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Women's Circuit as a 10K event. It was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from 2000 to 2001.

Past finals

Women's singles

Year Champions Runners-up Score
2001 Miho Saeki (JPN) Mélanie Marois (CAN) 6–1, 6–4
2000 Annica Cooper (USA) Ana Catarina Nogueira (POR) 6–2, 6–1
↑   ITF $10,000 event   ↑

Women's doubles

Year Champions Runners-up Score
2001 Kaori Aoyama (JPN)
Miho Saeki (JPN)
Annica Cooper (USA)
Elizabeth Schmidt (USA)
5–7, 6–3, 7–6(7–3)
2000 Annica Cooper (USA)
Brandi Freudenberg (USA)
Chang Kyung-mi (KOR)
Antonia Matic (GER)
6–4, 6–2
↑   ITF $10,000 event   ↑

Best Canadian results

Event Result Player Year
Women's singles Final Mélanie Marois 2001
Women's doubles Quarterfinals Leigh Bradwell 2000
Lauren Colalillo 2000
Kristin Gyaki 2000
Anya Loncaric 2000
Alison Nash 2000